Terms of use for using Image Downloader

  1. Image Downloader means the specific internet pages titled 'Image Downloader' available on our website, http://library.englishwhisky.co.uk

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  3. Images may be downloaded and used for the following uses only:

    1. Personal use: this means the use of a single copy of each Image by one person for non-commercial research and private study; or
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    3. For print based or electronic news, retail or trade publications commenting on us or our products.

  4. Images must not be used for any illegal or defamatory purpose including their use by juxtaposing them with any illegal or defamatory material.

  5. Images may not be used to suggest any endorsement or approval by us of your publication.

  6. The credit line © English Whisky Co. Ltd must accompany all use of Images. Where we make known the author of a particular Image, you must identify the author when using it.

  7. Images may be cropped but not changed in any other way without our prior written permission.

  8. Images should not be used for printing larger than A5 size.

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  10. We will not provide any technical support in connection with any use of Image Downloader and we will not guarantee the availability of Image Downloader.

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  15. We will keep a record of any information you provide about yourself and the Images you download for enforcement purposes but, except for such purposes, will not provide that information to any third party and will otherwise comply with data protection legislation.

  16. We reserve the right to extend or alter these Terms of use at any time.

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